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Now enrolling certified Spiritual Life Coaches looking to elevate their soul, business and abundance

 We are so proud of you becoming a Certified Dharma Coach, for honoring what brings you joy, what stirs your passion and what allows you to be in service to others.

You’ve been through a deeply transformational experience that taught you life-changing dharma principles and coaching tools + practices.
You went from someone who was just discovering their dharma to becoming someone who is living in support of their dharma everyday as a spiritual entrepreneur and put in the work to make your dreams a reality.

This is a pivotal moment for you, with all of the lessons you learned in Dharma Coaching Institute still fresh in your mind.


How can I create a sustainable business that will last, and how can I make sure all the time, resources and energy I put into my business is enough?”

How can I expand my dharma to serve more people and still remain true to my most authentic self?”

 “What can I do to attract future clients and create consistent business without sacrificing my peace?”


Where do I even start with a goal this big? How can I take what I learned and put it into action? 

Now you may be wondering or worrying…

Your dharma is blossoming,
now let’s nourish it so you can flourish! 

Spend the next 6 months diving deep into your coaching business in the Soul + Strategy Mastermind 

Why Should you take action Now?

Join a 6 month soul-aligned, strategy-fueled and action-oriented DCI-student only private mastermind with Sahara, Neeta, Ajit and sought after teachers to cultivate a harmonious union of your sacred mission and entrepreneurship.

You are ready to intuitively flow into action that will optimize your capacity, create excess opportunity and allow your spiritual business to reach its full potential. It’s time to take the next step.

You've finally answered the call of your soul’s purpose by completing your certification, don’t delay your progress with feelings of confusion or overwhelm!  

It’s time to dive deeper into your plans for your business and all of the moving parts that can make it successful with dedicated support from teachers who have grown successful spiritual businesses before.

You’ll want to feel confident in the next steps you take and build on the momentum you have built to launch the spiritual career of your dreams. We want you to succeed and be a part of our success stories! After graduating from coaching schools, many students don’t take action because fear, obstacles, and blocks get in the way.

Step into the next level of growth in your business and leave your fear, worries and doubts behind. 

A strong start can set the tone for a successful spiritual career. Continue to build your spiritual career with us and build a roadmap to make your vision for your spiritual business a reality now, rather than going through several years of trial and error trying to figure out your next steps.

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Optimize your capacity to take on new and exciting challenges that force you out of your comfort zone so you can learn new skills and live your dream life

Courageously manifest your vision and take action that actively brings that vision closer to your current reality.
Generate an abundance of future clients that are eagerly waiting to work with you, and create wealth for yourself while making impact in their lives

Own a successful spiritual business so you have the freedom to pursue spiritual alignment in every aspect of your life

Learn and practice the marketing tools and tactics that actually work and remove the overwhelm and stress out of marketing your services online

Practice reflecting your authentic self into your brand so you never have to live two lives and identities. You are always authentic and honest. 


Most importantly, live in your truth!

You might be worried about making a mistake, but remember that we’re here for you. We lived through our own trials and errors so that you wouldn’t have to. We overcame our challenges so that we could help you courageously face those same inevitable challenges in your spiritual business with confidence.

Just imagine what you could accomplish if you had the power to…

We are truly dedicated to the work we do and that’s why we want to offer you our continued support.

Collectively, we have over 30 years of entrepreneurship experience for you to tap into

 We’ve all been through the challenges of growing a spiritual business before, so we understand that in these early stages of your spiritual career it might be confusing and daunting to see the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

Our team of teachers would love to share their years of knowledge, perspectives and expertise with you to ensure you can fully embody your dharma and serve others as a successful spiritual entrepreneur.

You don’t have to continue this journey alone.

Let us show you the path of least resistance and hold you accountable with grace.

That way you can take aligned action on everything you've learned during your Dharma Coaching Institute Certification to bring your spiritual business to life. Rather than letting it become another thing you learn and dream about, but never realize. 

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That’s why we invite you to join Soul + Strategy Mastermind

This mastermind is truly one of a kind. We crafted a curriculum that harmoniously combines the intuitive, free flowing nature of your soul's calling with practical business tactics that will allow you to take meaningful actions towards your dreams in just 6 months.

You’ll save so much time on your spiritual business journey if you allow yourself to be surrounded by teachers who can help you navigate the challenges and obstacles that lay ahead. 

Bi-weekly exercises from Soul and Strategy Masterminds

Bi-weekly Group Follow-up call with Action Coach

Follow up with peers to ensure we honor our words with action 

 Soul alone can’t create a thriving business. You need a formidable strategy. You need the tools and techniques that can take all that soul and turn it into clients and money.

 With soul and strategy you need to be able to take action. When you take action you channel all that you learn, all that you are into the physical world. This is where the magic is realized.






An all in one mastermind that provides you with a strong foundation to build a sustainable spiritual business.

Finding Clarity in vision and action: With absolute clarity you send a message to the universe of what you truly want and give it a direction to create. 

Living with Courage in your business and life: When you live with courage you create fearlessly. You are excited about the learning opportunity and you stay in action. 

Realizing our true worth: How often have you doubted yourself? Learn how you realize your true worth and live it!

Authentic Personal Brand:
A new coach often leans into putting up a facade to feel accepted. Discover your soul-aligned personal brand so you never have to put a facade. 

Releasing Desperation: When we approach a client with desperation we repel them. Release desperation and create attraction. 

Stepping into Magnetism: What if you could attract your clients to you? What if they were magnetized to you? Learn how to step into your magnetism.
Shamanic Power and techniques: Unlock the power of the universe with shamanic power and techniques.

Persuasive Storytelling: Humanity has always been inspired by stories. Learn how to persuasively tell stories that change lives. 

Time and Money Management: Learn the art of time and money management so you are never concerned about them.

A robust marketing plan: Do you have a marketing plan? A marketing strategy? If you don't, maybe you want to consider that could be the reason your marketing is not working out. Build a robust marketing plan that actually works!

Packages that are easy to enroll in: You have a package. But does that package feel completely aligned. If not, get coached on creating the perfect coaching package that you clients want to enroll in. 

Pricing that creates abundance: learn the pricing model that creates abundance over time for you. 

Copywriting: Most entrepreneurs miss the most important skill for building a business. That is indeed copywriting. If you can write well, or speak well, you can build a very successful business very fast. 

Confident offers: Do you feel shaky when you are making an offer? Learn the art of making confident offers, so they get accepted by your clients. 

Techniques for managing time: learn specific techniques that will help you get done more in less time. 

Money management: making money but always finding it hard to find the money to invest in your business? These money management techniques will help you for a lifetime. 

Creating certainty of outcome: How would you feel if we told you that you would always have the desired outcome in a coaching session? Would you feel more confident? Learn the tools to create certainty of outcome. 

Defining Return on Investment on your Coaching: Learn how to show your clients a real return on investment in the coaching investment they make with you.

 You, and the soul of your business is the first key that determines if you would build a business that is aligned and gives you joy. 


When you open yourself up to the guidance and support of inspirational experts in their field you’ll see a huge progress in a short amount of time

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Ben Harris: Release your fears with master coach Ben Harris (who you’ve seen in the DCI curriculum) live as he coaches the group in his amazing techniques to release fears. 

Cassandra Bodzak: The queen of manifestation (and one of the most loved episodes on Highest Self Podcast) will share with you live how to manifest your ideal coaches + coaching business.

Helle Weston: Is one of the most inspiring channels we have come across. You will have the gift of watching her channel livem ask questions and even give you a few tools to channel yourself. 

Selena Soo: The introvert PR goddess. Unassuming Selena has been featured in top magazines. She will show you how she did it and you can do it too. 

Emily Williams: Built her coaching business on the foundation of high-end clients. When we say high end we are talking about 100,000+ clients. She will show you how you can do it too!

Destiny Berman: After helping companies help build their brands, Destiny is now helping coaches like you build their personal brand. 

Shaman Axel Carrasquillo: Is Sahara’s go-to when it comes to energy work and will be guiding you though powerful workshops for energetic hygiene and utilizing intuition in your coaching practice! 

…and many many more!

This Virtual Mastermind, includes an invitation to our LIVE in person Soul + Strategy Mastermind in Austin, Texas

Join Sahara, Neeta and Ajit
online + in person...

On this amazing 2-day live in person mastermind you’ll hear from the co-founders of Dharma Coaching Institute Sahara, Neeta and Ajit and some amazing speakers…

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As a student of Dharma Coaching Institute you were always reminded that you want to create results for your clients. With the Soul + Strategy Mastermind we intend to do the same. 

This mastermind is for those who are seriously ready to take action on their businesses and create massive change in the next 6 months. 

There are two ways you can build your future...


Most masterminds today would cost anywhere from $12,000-$35,000… and that would be a fair price for this mastermind too. 

But our intention for this mastermind is different. We are looking for a small group of passionate dharma coaches that are ready.

Apply To the soul + Strategy Mastermind If you are looking to continue and even accelerate Your journey of growtH

If this resonates with you, then click on apply now and join:
The Soul + Strategy Mastermind

When you decide to invest in time it means, you will invest months in learning more about yourself, about strategies that work and actions you should take. You are deciding the approach of doing things, without fully understanding things. This approach creates results if you can stay consistent over time, over a long long time. Typically this means you will take 3 to 5 years to learn how to build your business. 


The second way is to invest in the right training, the right coaches, the right tribe. You experienced this way of creating your future by investing in Certified Dharma Coach. You are graduating with tools the founders took years to develop. You developed skills that otherwise would take 5-10 years to develop in 6 months! 

You are intentional about your next 6-months and committed to taking action towards those intentions

You are willing to do the work. This mastermind requires you to show up every week and attend the classes, do the homework and take actions as directed

You Want to investment in yourself and your business. That this will yield results for you within 6-months

You are ready for change. You are committed to being guided to shed your fears, beliefs and past traumas to create a new desired life.


$6997 USD

single payment

3 monthly payments

$2500 USD

Choose what works for you... 

For some of you who might not have this investment ready we have partnered with EAZE. It has offered (for US residents) to provide funding for this mastermind.

It is really simple to be funded by EAZE. 

Once you are accepted into the program, we will connect you to an EAZE support agent who will guide you through the funding process. They provide easy payment options for as low as $300/month. 

get funded through
our partner 




Soul + Strategy Mastermind is for you if... 

$2500 USD


get funded through our partner

3 monthly payments



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So, when you join this mastermind and you take consistent action and you create results, you stand a chance of winning $10,000 invested by us

How cool is that? This means you will create a successful, soul aligned business and get funding for your future growth. 

We’ve Included Everything

Can we invest in your dream career?

6 Month mastermind with bi-weekly live sessions 

Our version of Shark Tank! We are so interested in your future that as co-founders we have decided that we will be investing up to $10,000 each in five coaches from this group! 

And it gets better with an exclusive bonus...


Workshops include Manifest Your Desires with Cassandra Bodzak, Raise Your Vibration with Aaron Daughty, Honoring Your Truth with Krista Williams, Being Spiritually Sassy with Sah D’Simone, Breathwork with Helle Weston, Moving Through Obstacles with Rosie Acosta, Abundance Mindset with Garrain Jones, Creating Soul-Aligned Content with Sky Cowans and many other transformational workshops. 

Highest Self Weekend is the long-awaited weekend for the modern spiritual seeker. This immersive weekend brings together the top experts in spirituality and most downloaded interviews on Highest Self Podcast

You'll connect with your soul fam and build lifelong connections of your future besties, business partners and co-collaborators in creating the new paradigm!

Your Soul + Strategy Mastermind spot includes one VIP ticket to the Highest Self Weekend.

Bi-weekly Action Calls for  accountability

Peer accountability check-ins

 Private Facebook group for the tribe to communicate!

Recordings of all live online classes for easy access

Soul + Strategy LIVE event in Austin, TX 

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